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Posted On November 10, 2010

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The moment a little girl is cognizant of their surroundings, they more often than not emulate their mothers, such that they would like to do everything the mother does, even if it means talking to imaginary friends. The ability of the little girls to copy their mother’s actions is usually so amazing, as most of the time, they are always right.


From time immemorial, as a birthday or special event that required an exchange of gifts approached, it was expected that girls would get Barbie dolls, while their male counterparts got trucks or any other vehicle toy. The Barbie dolls were usually dressed in miniature outfits that were so beautiful that the receiver had to guard their doll against breakage or theft by their friends and enemies as hard as they possibly could. It is with these dolls that all games were played, and important lessons of life were acquired.


Playing with the Barbie doll has taught girls to grow up into the best cooks, mothers, teachers, nurses, doctors, pediatrician, surgeons and artists, to mention but a few. The dolls played a huge role of always being the uncomplaining subject of whatever was to be done to it, be it in the equivalent of the kitchen, home, class, hospital bed, operating table,   and even as a subject of art.


It is not ironic to find that what one ends up being as grownups is manifested in the games they liked and enjoyed as kids. It is therefore important for any parent or guardian to invest in a software for Kids’ educational computer games featuring their favorite characters like Barbie and Carmen San Diego that will make their daughter or charge as good, and even better than they are envisioning, as their future grows near.


In this software, the evil wizard Wenlock casts a spell that turns all the people in the kingdom to stone. Let the girls join Annika and Brietta, a magnificent horse that has wings, on a super exciting adventure in search of the magical Wand of Light, which is the only antidote that can break the spell! The girls can also play fun games while solving puzzles that are challenging and transversing through four enchanting and exhilarating locations in search of clues. It is their duty to find Wenlock and save the kingdom from the evil spell that he has cast. Engaging a girl’s imagination with this game that is based on the animated Barbie movie to stop the evil wizard who has turned her kingdom to stone will go a long way into harnessing some lifelong skills.


The software boasts of features which include getting ready for

  • Adventure with Annika and Brietta
  • The Pegasus
  • Following shiver across a tricky path in the ice caverns
  • Soaring through the kingdom on a beautiful winged horse and saving the kingdom from the evil spell

Retailing at only $17.95, it sure is a huge bargain that is guaranteed to make the girls learn and enjoy their lessons while at it, and are recommended for girls aged between five and ten years of age.



Education Software and Games for Kindergarten kids

Kindergarten has always been a joy for most kids, although the problem manifests itself when it comes to actually enrolling and then leaving them there for their first day alone. This is owing to the fact that the kids form an attachment to their parents, guardians or relatives and friends back home, making it impossible for them to just cope with the idea of being left at school on the first day without any qualms whatsoever.

Parents or guardians afflicted with the situation will be well off investing in Reader Rabbit Personalized Kindergarten (PN: 27808), which helps the kid along the way as they nurture a whole year of skills in kindergarten. Being a 2 CD-ROM Set that boasts of a Learning Center disc that is personalized, a parent is able to see every participant’s progress on any given program which is using the Company’s A.D.A.P.T. Learning Technology. It is possible for them to print out customized workbooks, activities, and reward certificates for every single participant in regard to information on their progress.
Reader Rabbit Personalized Kindergarten features A.D.A.P.T. Learning Technology which is a system that is dynamic in its ability to make adjustments to the program in order to conform with the kid’s abilities as they grow. This means that their learning is bound to be

  • Ever stimulating, and
  • Not at one time frustrating, simply because the kids will be enjoying themselves tremendously,
  • Even as they face new challenges in the learning environment on a daily basis.

A.D.A.P.T. Learning Technology is an acronym that stands for A. Assesses Abilities, D. Develop Skills, A. Adjusts Levels, P. Provides Help, and T. Track Progress.  It is with this technology that the kid is able to acquire the necessary skills in

  • Reading
  • Arithmetic
  • The art of solving problems that is mathematical in nature

Among other skills that a kindergarten kid can grasp through the same include, but are not limited to order and sequence,  similarities and differences,  letters and numbers, words that indicate direction,  seasons and months, thinking that is critical, solving problems, phonics and early reading, arithmetic that is simple, measurement,  shapes and colors without forgetting social skills.

The features of the software are varied and deep. They include

  • Progress reports of parents
  • Four skill levels, 60 interactive
  • Printable activities sing-along songs
  • More than 50 skills covered
  • Automatic help
  • Customized workbooks and rewards

The happiest beneficiaries of this software would be kids in the age bracket of four to six years of age. Retailing at the low price that is $14.95, it should not be hard to give a kid the happiness that they will derive from the use of the software.

The outcome of making the investment will be broadcast in the increased happiness and joy in the kid, together with a burning desire to acquire more skills through learning, and with time, one might even end up having a scholar in the house, thanks to the software for kids, whose project bears fruits due to a dedication in learning.